Montessori Catechetical and Cultural Institute


A Community of Catechists

A benefit of participating in courses with MCCI is access to other trained catechists who are working in environments all over the world. With over [NUMBER] catechists already trained from [HOW MANY] countries, the collective knowledge of individual experiences is beneficial for each and every catechist. Whether it be questions about administrative tasks, sharing testimonials from the prepared environments, or a source of spiritual support, the MCCI community shares the fruits of the harvest.

Ways to Engage

Each class experience is unique and a special bond develops among our students who participate in our in-residence training programs. Beyond that, MCCI's online presence and community page on Facebook continues to offer resources, suggestions, and provide a space for sharing stories or asking questions.

Fruits of Our Work

Our alumni are making impacts in communities across the United States and abroad. Click here to read more about our graduates.