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"By virtue of their ministry of educating, parents are, through the witness of their lives, the first heralds of the Gospel for their children. Furthermore, by praying with their children, by reading the word of God with them and by introducing them deeply through Christian initiation into the Body of Christ-both the Eucharistic and the ecclesial Body-they become fully parents, in that they are begetters not only of bodily life but also of the life that through the Spirit's renewal flows from the Cross and Resurrection of Christ." Pope Saint John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio

Catechesis of Infants

Children Ages 0-3

Dr. Montessori's discoveries with respect to natural human development are the foundation of the entire Atrium program. We also wish to prepare catechists in accordance with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.  Our training provides doctrinal formation to catechists-in-training through days of recollection and study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Finally, our preparation includes days of silent retreat and prayer for catechists in keeping with the Montessori nature of the spiritual preparation of guides in the prepared environments for children. One of the most beautiful and essential elements of the Atrium is its contemplative spirit and the nature of the children's work within a specially prepared religious environment. Our silent retreats for catechists correspond with this same spirit.

The child's first prepared environment is the womb, which is nurtured by the love of God manifested in unity between husband and wife sanctified by Holy Matrimony. The Catechesis of Infants seeks to aid in the early exposure to community of faith during gestation and after birth through age 3.

In keeping with the spirit of spontaneous meditation, contemplation and prayer, pregnant mothers are encouraged to participate in the sensory rituals of the Mass and spend special time in prayer and contemplation with their growing child.

Key elements of the Catechesis of Infants includes:

  • Discovering the nature of the child
  • Elements of the first environment
  • Preparing the environment of the home to nurture the spiritual life of the child

For more information about how to prepare the spiritual environment of the home for a child, visit MCCI's Catechesis at Home page.


There are no Catechesis of Infants courses currently scheduled. Please check back for updates.