Montessori Catechetical and Cultural Institute


MCCI Programs

Elements of our training

Dr. Montessori's discoveries with respect to natural human development are the foundation of the entire Atrium program.

All of our training programs are led by formation leaders faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Formation leaders are credentialed for their programs by both the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS). Learn more about our formation leaders here.

Each formation course includes preparations in giving the presentations (the lessons) to children, provides a solid background in the theological and pedagogical underpinnings of this work, assists the catechist in preparing his/her album, introduces the prepared environment, the atrium, and guides catechists in making the handmade materials used for the children’s work.

MCCI training program emphasize Dr. Maria Montessori's discoveries of the child,
incorporates information on recent discoveries in the field of developmental neurology and

  • includes 10 hours of observation in a parochial AMI Catholic Montessori school, with its established Atria for children ages 3-6 (Level I) and 6-12 (Levels II and III), and its Montessori prepared work environments for children ages 18-36 months (Toddler or "Infant Community") and 3-6 (Primary) and 6-12 years (Lower and Upper Elementary), 
  • over 100 hours of
    • continuing education
    • spiritual preparation
    • material making
    • pedagogy, and
    • free auditing of formation courses for those individuals who have previously taken that course from MCCI. 
  • community of faithful, trained catechists and an ongoing network of support in your work.